About Us

About Us

Screen check India, a division of Centena group is offering solutions in identification biometrics and security across India. We distribute to world's leading brands and provide end to end solutions in ID cards issuance, Time and Attendance, Access Control, Smart Card Solutions, RFID etc. Our products and Solutions caters to Government, Corporate, Educational, Manufacturing, Retail etc.
Our global domain expertise over these years made us the most preferred Identification and security partner in the region.


ISO 9001:2015 - Chennai
ISO 9001:2015 - Delhi


For us, creativity and innovation are the keys to sustainable growth. Going beyond our capabilities and stretching to meet client needs keeps us energized and relevant at all times.


We will ensure that all our promises are kept with our customers, principals, employees, customers and stakeholders.


To be a Technology House that exceeds customer expectation by being an innovative solution provider.


We empower our employees in providing innovative cutting edge solutions in the field of technology to improve the quality life of our society.