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With technology, the demand for credible, accurate, and high-quality ID cards that prevent fraud or error has increased.

According to World Population Review (2019), the population in the India is approximately 1.37 billion people. However, the immigration rate in the India is shooting up, resulting in the rapid growth of population.

Standards for ID card printer suppliers

The challenge for ID card suppliers is catering to the diverse taste of the population, such as design and visual appeal.

Ideally, the printer should be able to rectify any printing error, or accommodate changes in details immediately.

The durability and flexibility of an ID card printer is something very few data ID card suppliers are able to provide.

Significance of ID card printer ribbons

ID card printer ribbons come in two types; monochrome (single-side) and full print (dual-sided).

Ribbons mostly contain a barcode, magnetic stripe or RFID technology which holds relevant information of an individual’s identity.

However, these ribbons need to complement the color and design of the plastic ID cards while storing credible information for lengthy periods.

Entrust Datacard ribbons

Entrust Datacard provides conventional color ribbon printing options which provide high-quality, vibrant, life-like images and graphics.

UV security printing enhances the protection and color of your card. It enables flexibility in color choice, easy verification and additional security.

Screen Check India

Screen Check India is the leading distributor and provider of security products and service providers in the India. Its presence is felt in over PAN India, delivering high quality and reliable products.