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With the advancement of Biometric security system, now companies can install the most efficient fingerprint scanners for easy identification, verification and authentication without waste of human resource and time.

Security features in all devices are improving each day by day making our lives more safe and secure. From smartphones to laptops to organisations, fingerprint scanner can be seen almost everywhere now. With the advancement of technology, now we have much better options like biometric fingerprint scanner or touch the screen to unlock a device. Basically, there are 3 types of fingerprint scanners in India that are widely used. They are:

  1. Optical Scanner: Optical scanner was the first device that implemented after the invention of fingerprint scanner. The device scans the patterns over the skin to create lock and unlock features. An LED is used with the scanner to obtain the finger pattern.
  2. Capacitive Scanner: Capacitive scanners are used to scan fingerprint on smartphones. They do not create fingerprint patterns using conventional scanning ways.
  3. Ultrasonic scanner: These scanners obtain an ultrasonic pulse while we press on the scanner. These scanners work entirely different from the previous two scanning systems. Fingerprint identification is an integral part of the biometrics.

Fingerprint readers in India is considered to be a benchmark system that is adopted by many organisations. They are used both for authentication as well as verification process. Suprema’s fingerprint scanners are known for its agility, accuracy and reliability is considered to be the best fingerprint readers in India. Their false proof identification and authentication process has made it the first preference by many establishments. Screen Check India is one of the pioneers in providing security solutions across India. ScreenCheck India has been a trusted best distributor of fingerprint scanners in India.

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Attendance systems

Tracking the presence of a kid in an educational organisation is very important. The data is stored and maintained within the organisation for various reasons. These security devices are not just used in schools but in various other organisations. With increasing workforce in corporate companies, implementing a reliable security system has become a need of the hour. The use of biometric attendance system with the help of fingerprint reader is now the latest trending feature in various offices, schools, software companies or colleges.

Biometric devices gets physical data from users to maintain and record the attendance in any organisation. Physical data includes faces, fingerprints, retinal patterns, irises, hand-written signatures and voices. Thus, Screen Check India’s biometric attendance systems is becoming popular among many clients in India. This is mainly because of the advantages posed by biometric fingerprint scanners over the conventional ways of security products. Manual identification, verification and authentication is always time consuming and have changes of recording wrong information. The data stores in fingerprint scanner is stored for a lifetime.

Suprema from ScreenCheck India has been widely used in taking attendance in large organisations. Integrated biometric time attendance machine are installed in large offices where recording employee data or creating a profile manually is a tedious task. With the ability of these devices to store unlimited data and its versatility in usage, the data from the device can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Screen Check India focuses on providing innovative security products and services for every client. They make sure that the client understand the full potential of a Suprema fingerprint scanner before buying one. The emphasis of each security product is to provide the best solutions in the most cost effective manner. Screen Check India is one of the best dealers in India in fingerprint scanning devices, offering a wide array of product and services which matches with every client requirement.

Among the biometric devices, fingerprint scanner is the most chosen option by many organisations. Fingerprint scanner is now advanced and has incorporated many features for the seamless functionality of the device. The automatic personal identification process makes each digital fingerprint scanner unique and also offers stability, more storage, permanency and seamless ability in taking imprints. It is also important that the verification process is done within a fraction of a second. The image of the finger is cross examined using binary codes and each finger will be having unique binary codes. On verification process, the codes are matched to allow access or deny the movement to a specific area.

Advantages of Using the Biometric Fingerprint Attendance system.

Clients walks into Screen Check India without knowing the array of functionalities or confused about which fingerprint attendance machine they need to install. They often don’t know the complete list of advantages of using a biometric system.

  •  Installation process is tireless and can be done within a short period of time.
  •  User-friendly interface.
  •  The employee or student needn’t carry pass card or any other physical object for gaining access.
  •  Reliable and sharp. The accuracy of fingerprint scanners is never doubtful.
  •  No Duplication of one’s identity
  •  Fingerprint scanners are always budget friendly and can be obtained on relatively small cost.
  • Each Fingerprint scanner is unique with features and safety options. The Suprema Fingerprint access control devices are innovative fingerprint scanners provided by the best dealers of fingerprint scanner in India. These devices work even in harsh weather conditions making it reliable once installed.