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Every establishment is confined inside a building. It is essential to secure the building and resources from any external factors that can destroy the establishment. Therefore, it’s important to install access control systems to monitor building and also to manage the workforce.

Every nation in the world fears security breach. There were innumerable terrorist attacks that happened across the world and most of them happened inside buildings such as malls, shopping complex and apartments. With security system sector growing, it’s essential to create strong access control systems so that the buildings around the world are safe. Every business needs an office and its sole responsibility of the management to keep the human resource and material resource safe from any unseen consequences. Here, in this article, ScreenCheck India Security System Company provides some essential guidelines and thoughts on access control systems in India and how they can be implemented with efficiency.

Access control systems were in market for long and many establishments have installed one form of the system or the other. Whether you are planning for an upgrade or install a fresh access control system, it’s time to rethink how you implement your security plan for the building. The assets have to be kept safe and provide the right access to the right people. ScreenCheck India experts, the dealers of best access control systems in Indian states “It is important to understand access control systems before installing them and to know vulnerabilities and functionalities of the system”. Now buildings across the globe are redesigning the architecture and structure of movement to effectively implement access control systems.

Experience the features

Always choose an access control system according to your requirements and the features, the system supports. You need to talk and get guidance from an expert because it is more about how it works than the aesthetics of the system. You need to consider the area under surveillance and security, also the human capacity of the specific area, so as to calculate how many times the access system works on a day to day basis.

If you already have an access control system installed, you need to consider how the new system can be incorporated without interfering with the previous one. Always go for systems that take less time to authenticate and give access.

Security Level

Every employee in your organization wouldn’t need access to every part of the building. Each part of the building would require different levels of security. Determine each area according to the needs of security. Each space has its own time restrictions and access privilege is given to employees according to their designation.

It’s essential to set protocols for employees. Every employee in your organization should be free to move around according to his/her needs. Therefore, it is important to provide the right level of access to human resource, for the smooth functioning of the organization. Every access system needs an admirable database which can process new enrolment, identify a profile within minutes and allow access in accordance with the already stored data.


The management needs to audit who is accessing a particular area. If a card or a fingerprint profile is inactive, the system should automatically detect inactive profiles and suspend the same.

Every employee is supposed to enter and exit through a single door, so that access control can be easy. If the employee uses a different door to exit, his re-entry through the right access door can be bared. All the auditing can be done by assigning one supervisor to check on employees and give the responsibility of maintaining the database up to date.


Once every 5- 6 months, check the reliability and efficiency of the access control systems. If there is any concern or glitch, you will need to call the best access control system experts in India.

Make sure that the alarm systems are prompt and the access system notifies any malpractice without any delay to supervisor or the management. A periodic testing of the access system is therefore essential to make sure that the building is safe and secured.


Access control systems aren’t one time investment. Access control systems are changing everyday to keep up with security advancements around the globe. It is therefore important that you change the system if the previous access system is obsolete and install an upgraded version of the access system.

It should be understood that, the fake market is as real as the original one. Cards can be manipulated and duplicated. Fake fingerprints can be created or obtained using malpractices. With the new technologies in access control, biometric stations are now in the market which uses unique human features to identify and authenticate employees.

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