FaceKiosk Series
June 15, 2023
KR500 Series
KR500 Series
June 15, 2023


  • The AHSC 1000 is a powerful and reliable IP-based core controller that is the heart of the access control system. It features a high-performance processor which has ample memory that provides efficient management of large volumes of data. The system supports multiple communication protocols like TCP/IP, RS-485 and Wiegand ensuring seamless integration with various systems. The AHSC 1000 has advanced encryption technology that provides secure data transmission. It permits easy monitoring and management of the access control system from any internet-connected device. The AHSC 1000 is a versatile and scalable IP-based core controller that offers efficient and secure management of access control systems.


  • Ultimate Authentication Performance.
  • Advanced Global Functionality based on peer-to-peer communication.
  • High-Level Cyber Security.
  • Dual Ethernet Ports.
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).
  • Innovative MQTT-based communication protocol.
  • Flexible voltage inputs (9V-24V with automated voltage sensing) supported.
  • Four state-monitoring inputs.