The AHSC-1000 Primary Controller is a powerful and versatile IP based core controller capable of handling a wide range of authentication methods, including RFID cards, mobile credentials, fingerprints, and facial recognition. With its massive authentication capacity and support for various reader types, this developer-friendly controller offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability for any access control system while offering high level cyber security.


  • Authenticates up to 800,000 RFID cards (1:1) and 400,000 (1:N)
  • Supports 400,000 mobile credentials (1:N)
  • Handles 100,000 fingerprint authentications (1:1) and 50,000 (1:N)
  • Conducts 100,000 facial authentications (1:1) and 50,000 (1:N)
  • Allows sophisticated worldwide functionality based on peer-to-peer communication
  • Supports online backend authentication server with a 1 million authentication capacity
  • Compatible with various reader types, including biometrics, RFID card and Mobile credential authentication
  • Supports up to 792 AHEB series IO expansion boards and 33 AHDU door units, ultimately supporting up to 12,801 inputs or outputs
  • Supports 3rd Party Integration with API
  • Supports Common building Management System Communication
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE IEEE802.3at) support