The AHDU-1160 IP-based Biometric Door Unit is a high-performance advanced access control solution that offers unparalleled authentication capabilities and supervised and programmable inputs. With its support for various protocols and flexible power options, this door unit seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, providing advanced access control features and ensuring efficient access management.


  • Supports upto 4,00,000 RFID card/mobile credential, 400,000 fingerprint, 100,000 facial and 10000 palm authentication in one single controller.
  • Supports BACnet, Modbus, OPC, and various reader protocols
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE 802.3at/af) and flexible voltage inputs (9-24V)
  • Unlimited threat levels for immediate lockdown adjustments
  • Port failover redundancy for advanced access control
  • 100,000 access levels with a 300,000-event transaction buffer
  • Supervised and programmable inputs that can detect upto 5% ohms in circuit
  • Enhanced tamper-proof and copy-proof functions with EAL6+ crypto chips
  • Does IP/MAC address filtering
  • Offers three different models for a variety of doors
  • AES encryption for communication protection between controller and edge devices

Technical Specs:

  • PoE (802.3at/af) is capable of powering the device or a 9-24VDC power supply that does not exceed 550mA (reader current excluded)
  • Communicates through a primary PoE interface and a secondary BLE 5.2 interface
  • Communication between the controller and server, as well as between controllers, is protected by 256-bit AES encryption
  • Two Ethernet ports are 100Base-TX — Port 1; the second one also has port failover capability
  • Device has three ports – Port 1 is Armatura RS-485/OSDP V2.2, Port 2 is also Armatura RS-485/OSDP V2.2, and Port 3 is Armatura RS-485/OSDP V2.2 with port redundancy capability on Ports 2 and 3
  • Total of two TCP/IP ports, three RS-485 ports, and two Wiegand ports
  • Onboard monitor uses a 320×240 resolution TFT display that measures about 2.4 inches diagonally; it’s used for status and configuration purposes
  • Can support up to one hundred thousand access levels
  • RS-485 protocol used here comes with AES-128 as well as OSDP Secure Channel security features
  • 30 ounces or approximately 830 grams weight