The AHDU Series IP Biometric Door Units are high-performance access control solutions that offer unmatched authentication capabilities and advanced access control functions. With support for various authentication methods, including RFID cards, mobile credentials, and fingerprints, these units provide superior security and seamless integration with third-party systems. Invest in this product today to ensure the best security performance.


  • Supports up to 800,000 RFID card credentials (1:1) and 400,000 (1:N)
  • Handles 400,000 mobile credentials (1:N) via Bluetooth, NFC, or Dynamic QR Code
  • Performs 100,000 fingerprint authentications (1:1) and 50,000 (1:N)
  • Up to 100,000 access levels and a 300,000-event transaction buffer
  • Supervised inputs for circuit anomaly detection (5% Ohms)
  • Embedded EAL6+ crypto chips for tamper-proofing and copy protection
  • IP/MAC address filtering functions
  • Three models are available for one-door to four-door applications

Technical Specs:

  • AHDU-1260 has 3 RS-485 ports.
  • Port 1 is an Armatura RS-485/OSDP V2.2 port
  • Port 2 is an Armatura RS-485/OSDP V2.2 port
  • Port 3 is an Armatura RS-485/OSDP V2.2 port
  • Port 3 can be set up for redundancy with Ports 2 and 3
  • AHDU-1260 has 2 TCP/IP ports
  • It has 4 Wiegand ports
  • It has 2 relay outputs
  • The 2 relay outputs have dry contacts in Form-C configuration
  • It can directly control 2 access points built into the device itself
  • The maximum number of access points it can control is 2
  • It has certifications for CE, FCC, UL, RoHS, and UL294 standards