The EP20ENC is an intelligent enroller that ensures advanced security and versatility, designed to make access control operations more efficient with strong protection against unauthorized entry. With this device’s multiple functions and support for different technologies, it offers a complete solution for handling access credentials in various situations.


  • EP20ENC provides strong access control management features to prevent unauthorized entry into premises or areas containing sensitive information and systems.
  • EP20ENC Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use – UV-resistant materials used in construction to ensure longevity when exposed to direct sunlight, etc.
  • It can operate in a multi-technology mode, which allows it to work across different scenarios, such as card only, keypad + card, fingerprint only, etc.
  • The EP20ENC supports remote firmware updates, enabling easy maintenance and ensuring compatibility with the latest security protocols.
  • Equipped with data backup and recovery features, providing safeguards against data loss and ensuring continuity of access control operations.
  • Seamlessly integrates with centralized access control management systems, allowing for efficient monitoring and control of access credentials across multiple locations.

Technical Specs:

  • Works with over 100 types of RFID credentials at 125kHz, 13.56MHz, and 2.4GHz frequencies
  • Communicates securely using AES-128 encryption via USB 2.0 (OSDP v2.2)
  • EAL6+ certified chips encrypt data so no one can read it without the proper authority
  • The casing is made from a tough polycarbonate that meets UL94V-0 and UL746C (F1) safety standards
  • Visual and audio indicators provide clear feedback to users during enrolment
  • Compact design so that it can be easily integrated into any environment where space is limited.