EP30 Series

The EP30CF is a sophisticated multi-technology fingerprint reader that delivers high-level security and facilitates smooth access control operations. With its advanced features and robust security measures, this device provides a comprehensive solution for secure and efficient credential management. As a peak of refinement in access control technology, EP30CF guarantees the highest security level and easy access management. It has been equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art features, such as AES-128 encryption and RS485 connectivity, that enable secure communication between the reader and control panels while supporting more than 30 types of RFID cards as well as NFC mobile credentials. This device is unparalleled in terms of flexibility due to its advanced fingerprint scanning function and IP65-rated strength, which means it can work under any conditions, thus showing Armatura’s endless desire for safety improvement across the globe.


  • Secure communication with control panels via AES-128 encryption and OSDP v2.2 compliance
  • Suitable for extreme environmental conditions
  • Versatile credential management capabilities
  • The EP30CF features anti-tamper detection mechanisms, providing additional security by alerting against physical tampering attempts
  • Capable of supporting multiple authentication methods simultaneously, such as fingerprint scanning, RFID cards, and NFC mobile credentials, offering enhanced flexibility in access control
  • Equipped with event logging and reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to track and analyze access events for auditing and compliance purposes
  • Sleek metal design suitable for flush mounting
  • Visual and audio indicators for user feedback

Technical Specs:

  • RS485 connectivity to prevent interleaving and replay attacks
  • Certified EAL6+ secure encrypted chips for top-level defence against external threats
  • Supports over 30 types of RFID cards across 125kHz, 13.56MHz, and 2.4GHz Bluetooth (BLE) frequencies
  • Includes NFC mobile credential support
  • Advanced fingerprint scanning with AMT Fingerprint v10 algorithm and anti-spoofing detection
  • AES-256 encryption for biometric data protection
  • IP65-rated water-resistant and dustproof casing