On-Permise Software

Armatura One is the best web security platform, an all-in-one solution that redefines complete security solutions. Armatura‘s software integrates all its modules, such as parking management, data monitoring, fire alarm, temperature deduction, entrance control, FaceKiosk, Temperature Detection, Defence, Data Monitor, Building Automation and Intrusion into a single unit, offering a comprehensive and seamless experience.


  • Scalable MQTT-based communication protocol for managing over 10k edge devices and 1 million users
  • Supports up to 268+ industrial -grade protocols including BACnet, OPC, Modbus, etc. which makes Armatura One easily integrable with Building Management systems or property management systems (PMS)
  • Employs advanced encryption standards like AES and TLS for high-level security
  • Advanced digital mapping features with 2D floor plans and 3D building models
  • SMS Notification System for real-time alerts via instant messengers
  • Supports RFID credentials (over 200 card types), mobile credentials (NFC, Bluetooth, QR codes), and biometric technology
  • Advanced access controls like cross-panel linkage, elevator access control, visitor management, anti-passback, and multi-level authentication
  • Controlled outputs are unlimited and subject to server and network performance
  • Inputs are also unlimited and dependent on server and network performance
  • Passwords are managed efficiently with Armatura One, supporting up to 1,000,000

Technical Specs:

  • Allows control of up to 10,000 access doors
  • Manages a maximum of 10,000 attendance points
  • Supporting high volume, Armatura One accommodates up to 1,000,000 monthly visitors
  • Manages up to 5,000 cameras
  • For advanced surveillance, Armatura One connects with up to 50 intelligent video servers
  • Armatura One handles a maximum of 1,000,000 RFID cards
  • Biometric authentication is streamlined, with Armatura One supporting up to 1,000,000 fingerprints
  • MQTT-based scalable communication protocol
  • SMS notification capabilities with instant messenger support
  • Armatura Protocol Gateway for seamless integration with BMS and PMS systems
  • Credential support: RFID (200+ types), mobile (NFC, Bluetooth, QR), biometrics (palm, face)