The UHF RFID reader is a proximity card reader that reads multiple passive UHF tags at once within a 12-meter reading range using RFID technology. With its waterproof design, this reader is well-suited for various RFID applications such as transport management, vehicle management, car parking, production process control, and access control. It boasts of a long-read range and product life with high reliability and cost-effectiveness.


  • Dual polarization read sensitivity mode.
  • Wiegand 26-bit for data transmission and can be changed to 34-bit through software.
  • There are two operational modes: always read and trigger read.
  • Includes a mounting plate and an RS-232 cable.
  • Offers an indicator buzzer.
  • Withstand various weather conditions as it is rated with an IP65 level of protection.
  • Supports a 100-meter maximum cable length.


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