BG300 Barrier Gate

The BG300 Barrier Gate is a reliable and robust solution for managing access to parking lots, toll booths, and other similar applications. With durable aluminium alloy housing and a compact design, it can be easily installed in various locations. The gate features a powerful motor that can lift and lower the arm quickly and smoothly, with a maximum operating speed of 1.5 seconds. The arm length can be customized up to 4 meters to fit the specific requirements of your application. The barrier gate also comes with a range of safety features which includes an anti-collision mechanism sensor to prevent accidents. The BG300 Barrier Gate can be easily integrated, making it an efficient and convenient solution for managing vehicle access.


  • Fastest operating speeds
  • Adjustable speed according to different boom arm length
  • Digital control monitoring with delay automatic close functions
  • High safety with power off manually rises boom arm and anti-smash functions
  • Adjustable position of rise/fall angle with automatic position limit through the digital encoder
  • Barrier boom rebounds when blocked.
  • Invertibility of left and right direction
  • The simple and compact transmission mechanism
  • Easy installation on-site