CMP200 Barrier Gate

The CMP200 series has innovative automatic barrier gates with a telescopic boom arm that allows for variable site application and direction switching. The sleek housing has an integrated LED that shows the parking barrier‘s status and improves user experience. The design is based on industry feedback and needs, providing an economic and effective solution for various parking lots.


  • Auxiliary traffic lights integrated into the main body for a better user experience.
  • Equipped with the infrared detector, loop detector, and radar detector for anti-smash and automatic closing.
  • Arm direction can be changed between leftward and rightward according to the site application.
  • The opening and closing angle are precisely set at 90° ±2°
  • Over-voltage protection to ensure device safety.
  • Support for LPR (License Plate Recognition), UHF reader controller, and other devices for access control and recognition functions.