Mars – B1000

The Mars-B1000 is a single-lane swing barrier turnstile that features a compact and modern design suitable for indoor environments and outdoor if sheltered. It is constructed of high-quality stainless steel, which assures longevity and stability. With a maximum operating speed of up to 25 individuals per minute, the turnstile can be utilized for both entry and exit control. It comes equipped with infrared sensors that provide accurate detection. The Mars-B1000 supports various access control systems such as RFID, card readers, QR Code scanners etc. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including offices, banks, and airports. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive LED indicator lights make it easy to use and navigate.


  • A switchable reader panel allows for easy customization and integration of different access control systems.
  • Highly durable design results in low maintenance costs over time.
  • Suitable for installation in places where facial recognition is required for access control.
  • MCBF is 3 million.
  • Infrared sensors ensure safe and efficient operation.
  • PGIC controller ensures accurate and reliable power of the turnstile.