Mars – S1000

The Mars-S1000 is a single-lane swing barrier turnstile designed to provide secure and efficient access control. It is perfect for a variety of indoor and outdoor (only if sheltered) applications such as Airports, Stations, Gyms, Government buildings, Hotels and Banks. Featuring a durable stainless-steel construction with long-lasting performance and low maintenance costs. The switchable reader panel allows for easy integration with various access control systems which includes RFID, fingerprint, and facial recognition. The turnstile also includes infrared sensors for enhanced safety and PGIC controller for efficient operation. Mars-S1000 is easy to install in a variety of settings and provides a cost-effective solution for controlling access to restricted areas.


  • Exceptional durability and minimal maintenance expenses.
  • Reader panel with switchable functionality
  • PGIC controller (Power Generation Intelligent Control)
  • MCBF is 5 million
  • Anti-Collision
  • Emergency Unlock
  • Anti-tailgating
  • Single passage Monitoring in Both Directions
  • Anti-pinch
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • LED indicator
  • Infrared Sensors