The SBTL3200 is a highly durable swing barrier turnstile for high traffic control. This additional lane series operates smoothly and quietly while consuming minimal power. It is constructed of stainless steel, which contributes to its durability. By default, the barriers remain in a locked position, preventing access to the secure side. The barriers automatically swing open, allowing a user to pass through to the secure side once the reader (RFID and/or fingerprint) of the SBTL3200 positively recognize the user’s valid access card or fingerprint. The barriers automatically swing open providing users with a quick and unobstructed path to safety at the time of emergencies. During a power outage the user can easily push through the barrier to exit to safety.


  • Built-in Reader Integration
  • Highly durable stainless-steel construction
  • Updated Running Status
  • LCD Display
  • Provides both security and convenient space.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy Operation
  • The barriers are typically held in a secured, locked position.
  • A legitimate access card or fingerprint is positively identified by a reader (RFID or fingerprint).
  • Barriers swing automatically to allow passage to the secured side.
  • Barriers swing automatically during emergencies for fast and unencumbered exit to safety.
  • Users can push through the barrier easily during a power outage to exit to safety.