The AMT-FAPVS-21 is a module that detects faces and palms using numerous modes. It has algorithms of the face and palm built-in that allow for biometric recognition operations through the full cycle by the module. This process entails scanning faces and palms, capturing near-infrared (NIR) grayscale images together with true-colour RGB ones, and analyzing attributes related to face or palm print identification methods like feature extraction or matching, etc. This block can be used alone in any system where different kinds of biometrics need verification seamlessly done in one single unit.


  • Face and palm recognition multimodal standalone module
  • Built-in face & palm algorithms for full-cycle biometric recognition operations
  • Grayscale and true-colour RGB image capture in near-infrared (NIR)
  • Analysis of attributes associated with faces and palms
  • Ability to extract templates from matching biometric data obtained after an image has been processed
  • Its technical specifications defer it from AMT-FAM-10 biometric module

Technical Specs:

  • Processor: quad-core cortex-a7@1.5ghz, 1.2tops (int8)
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • The communication protocol used: uvc; hid
  • DC power supply input voltage rating: 5.0v/1.0a
  • Power usage while on standby mode: < 3.3w; during operation: < 5.0w
  • Working temperature range: -10°c to +45°c / storage temperature range: -40°c to +85°c;
  • Software development kit(SDK): armature multi bio SDK version 2.1
  • Recognized standards: ce, fcc, rohs, whql
  • Size: 1/2.8″ hdr CMOS; effective resolution: 2mp;
  • The dynamic range which is supported by this device: 105db
  • Default image resolution settings: 720 (w) x1280 (h) @25fps; however, you may also request 480 (w) x640 (h) @25fps.
  • Ability to detect faces even when they are not positioned in a manner expected by the system, i.e., yaw ≤30°, pitch ≤30°, roll ≤45°
  • Accuracy rate tar=99.2%@ far=0.001%