Allow us to present the AMT-FAR-10, a brand-new biometric identification system with a double-lens face module created to change the way we do things around here. It is unchallenged in terms of accuracy or security among its peers. This invention captures both Near-Infrared (NIR) grayscale and true-colour RGB face images, guaranteeing precise identification through optimal-quality images. The images are powered by Armatura FaceLite and LiveFace algorithms, which have advanced capabilities in detecting acts of life impersonation, thus effectively protecting against spoofing attempts. The reader enclosure for this AMT-FAR-10 is designed to integrate seamlessly with the AMT-FAM-10 module, allowing users to authenticate themselves while using it easily. Moreover, it sets higher convenience standards than ever before achieved in field-related systems. Get it today to enhance your system performance.


  • Take two photos at once – near-infrared greyscale & full-color
  • Improved safety features by employing the Amatura FaceLite algorithm alongside the LiveFace algorithm
  • This ensures correct recognition by supplying output consisting of high-quality images
  • The touch-free operation included for a smooth user experience
  • The non-contact technique used during the verification process increases sanitation within crowded areas like shopping malls, etc.
  • Capacity to operate with USB 2.0 specifications
  • Consumes low power with 2W
  • Can be easily integrated with third-party applications

Technical Specs:

  • Optical wavelength: 850nm
  • Image type: 256 grayscale levels
  • Image resolution: 720W * 1280H
  • Supported by FaceLite SDK and LiveFace SDK for comprehensive software integration
  • Power requirements: USB 5V
  • Dimensions: 95.50 * 26.40 * 29.00mm (±1 mm)
  • Processor: Low-power-consumption processor, 400MHz
  • Optical distortion rate: ≤1%