Palm Mobile SDK

Armatura’s PalmMobile SDK is designed to help developers integrate advanced palm recognition capabilities in their applications, whether on Android or Windows. It utilizes progressive algorithms that ensure high performance and precision through wide pose variation support and lightning-fast detection and matching times. This kit provides a strong biometric authentication system for users which is safe, secure, and seamless. It has a one-to-one verification mode and one-to-many identification mode for large-scale deployment with 10,000 templates capacity. With an accuracy level of 98.3% true accept rate (TAR), this makes it ideal for access control systems or employee verification solutions.


  • Enables integration of advanced palm recognition into applications
  • Supports Android and Windows platforms
  • Uses cutting-edge algorithms for top performance and accuracy
  • Minimum image size requirement: 160 x 120 pixels
  • Accommodates wide pose variations (yaw up to 45°, pitch up to 30°, roll up to 90°, bend up to 30°)
  • Lightning-fast detection times (under 15ms) and template extraction times (under 45ms)
  • Matching time under 1ms in 1 out of every ten thousand cases for real-time verification/identification
  • One-to-one verification as well as one-to-many identification modes
  • One-to-many capacity of ten thousand templates

Technical Specs:

  • Compatible with Android version above or equal to Jelly Bean i.e., Android 4.1
  • Compatible with various versions of Windows such as XP,7and10(x86/x64 architectures)
  • Linux support is available upon request.
  • C/C++, C# , Java programming languages used
  • False accept rate (FAR)2%, true accept rate (TAR)98.3%
  • Template size – 544 bytes