SpeedFace – V3L

The SpeedFace-V3L series is a stand-alone access control terminal that utilizes visible light facial recognition technology. It has a range of verification options facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, QR code and RFID. The device is equipped with an advanced anti-spoofing algorithm that protects against fake photos and videos. The SpeedFace-V3L series is designed to withstand harsh environments with a durable IP65 water and dust-resistant rating.


    • Temperature range of -5°C to 45°C
    • Support for facial, fingerprint, RFID and QR codes
    • Up to 500 facials, 3,000 fingerprints, 3,000 RFID cards, and 200,000 records are supported.
    • Card modules for the system are a 12.5 KHz ID card and a 13.56MHz IC card.
    • The Fill Light feature comes with adjustable brightness levels.
    • Board Web Server enabled system configuration