The F22 is a fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal that has an ultra-thin design and comes equipped with a BioID sensor and Wi-Fi. This device is known for its exceptional performance. The advanced algorithm ensures reliability, precision, and high-speed matching. F22 also features a high-quality infrared detection fingerprint sensor which offers excellent image quality and is capable of commercial-based fingerprint matching at an incredibly fast rate. It provides users with a superior touching experience, as it comes with a touch keypad and is highly flexible and can be installed as a standalone device or integrated with third-party access control panels that support standard Wiegand signals. It is compatible with TCP/IP, RS485 and Wi-Fi networks making it suitable for use across different network configurations.


    •  Ultra-thin design
    • BioID sensor
    • Wi-Fi connectivity
    •  Multiple Verification
    • Fast fingerprint matching algorithm
    • High-quality infrared detection fingerprint sensor
    • Touch keypad
    • Flexible installation options
    • Network compatibility