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ID Card Issuance

Enhance the efficiency and security of your card issuance process with our ID Card issuance solution. Be it a driving License, Student ID, Customer Loyalty Card, or Banking Card, our solution helps you to effectively manage card issuance, while saving time and reducing errors. Our ID Card Issuance solution streamlines all the processes in card management, from capturing data, photo and biometric information, approving/rejecting the issuance to card printing, ensuring quality control and delivery.

Access Control

By providing centralised management, real-time tracking, and improved security measures, access control systems help to protect confidential information, safeguards assets, and ensures the safety of employees and visitors. We offer a comprehensive array of high-performance access control solutions based on Fingerprint, Face Recognition, IRIS Recognition, card, mobile credentials etc, that enables organisations to prevent intrusions, safeguards assets, and maximises protection and security of their staff and visitors.

Attendance Management

Keeping track of your employee’s attendance is integral to improving their productivity and efficiency. An attendance management system offers a whole lot of benefits to businesses including reliable accuracy, enhanced productivity, reduction in costs, and legal compliance. We offer Biometric, Card and Mobile credential-based time & attendance management solutions that efficiently streamlines employee timesheet monitoring, calculation of work hours and collection of time & attendance data.

CCTV Solutions

A comprehensive video surveillance system can help in ensuring employee safety and data protection – both of which are critical to improving business security in our modern work environments. We offer a wide range of advanced video surveillance solutions from some of the world’s leading camera and accessory manufacturer that helps you to monitor and improve employee productivity and also secures your premises by keeping track of visitors.

A.I. Enhanced Security Solutions

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising various industries. One of the areas where AI is making a deep impact is the security industry, mainly in the realms of centralised access control, security convergence, cybersecurity and data protection and the digital operations of businesses. We bring to you AI-enhanced security solutions from Armatura, the world’s leading provider of advanced biometric solutions, that accelerates threat detection, expedites responses and protects user identity and data sets.